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The big emoji conundrum

Emoticons or ‘emojis’ are commonly used to express ourselves in messages. But what happens when emojis are used in communications which have legal consequen […]

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‘Red Cards’ to misbehaving employees

Red Cards are generally issued to football players who: commit a serious misconduct in a game; or accumulate 2 yellow cards in a single game. Players w […]

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Is it really organic?

With rising consumer demand for organic products, the ACCC is cracking down on misleading labelling claims. Before labelling your products as organic, consider […]

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Passing the buck on lease assignment

For as long as leases have been around, discussion has endured over which rights and obligations pass from one tenant or landlord to the next during the lease l […]

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I changed my mind!

Commercial leasing transactions often occur in 2 stages: Stage 1: preparation of lease offer. Stage 2: formalisation of lease document. The time betwee […]

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Now you have your cake, should you eat it too?

After reading part one of this start-ups series, we know you’ll be eager to hear about how Employment Share Schemes (‘ESS’) work. We consider the benefits […]

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The Australian connection – GST & low value goods

From 1 July 2018, low value imported goods supplied to consumers will be subject to GST. Amendments to the GST legislation remove the GST exemption previousl […]

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Country of origin labels – time to hop to it

In part 2 of our country of origin labelling (CoOL) series we provide a snapshot of the new mandatory labels required on packaged foods ‘grown’, ‘produced […]

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Beware the caveat

We know that the Latin speakers among you will understand the irony of this title. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for certain parties (particularly prospectiv […]

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Playing fair

In life, we frequently see power players flexing their proverbial muscles. From setting the status quo, to further leveraging their lead, the smaller player oft […]

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