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Hear what happened in Canberra?
No, not that

All eyes have been on the Australian Prime Minister this month, but you may have missed the news that Parliament has passed consumer protection laws. These laws […]

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The ‘valve’ is off on Steam’s refund policy

A battle between ACCC and Valve Corporation (Valve) has ended. The Full Court of the Australian Federal Court ruled that Valve (one of the world’s largest onl […]

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CoR – New safety duties for the supply chain

If you are part of the supply chain you will have a positive duty to ensure the safety of your transport activities ‘so far as reasonably practicable’. A […]

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Illegal logging compliance for non-loggers

If you import paper, tissues, wooden handled brushes, timber furniture, paper bags, cigarette papers or other regulated timber products the due diligence obliga […]

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what when

Part 2: Trade mark use – what, when & who?

In part 1 of our blog we discussed Aldi’s court battle with Moroccanoil Israel (MI)[1]. In part 2, we discuss the importance of trade mark ‘use’ and hi […]

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A ship without its captain

In day to day operations, companies act through its board of directors. The board tends to make strategic and operational decisions and is responsible for ensur […]

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Proposed changes under the EP Amendment Bill 2018

The Environment Protection Amendment Bill 2018 (Bill) was introduced on 20 June 2018, and it will be the biggest revamp of environmental regulations in Victoria […]

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Have your say about the new Waste Management Policy

In August 2017, the Victorian Government issued the interim Waste Management Policy (Resource Recovery Facilities) (WMP) to regulate sites storing combustible r […]

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Part 1: It’s all about the price tag, naturally

The Full Court of the Federal Court recently found that Aldi shoppers should know they are not buying premium boutique products and should interpret labels acco […]

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The big emoji conundrum

Emoticons or ‘emojis’ are commonly used to express ourselves in messages. But what happens when emojis are used in communications which have legal consequen […]

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