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Play fair with small business

12 November 2016 is d-day! New unfair contract laws will commence in Australia extending the coverage of consumer protection to ‘standard form’ small bus […]

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That’s the price you pay

With the constant pressures of deadlines, supply orders, reporting, accounting requirements and profit margins (just to name a few), businesses can inadvertentl […]

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Section 52 … why bother?

If you are a business owner and have ever thought about selling your business there is a good chance you’ve come across the term ‘Section 52’.  Now be ho […]

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Architectural plans – copyright or wrong?

Property developers, architects and builders should be aware that using a third party’s plans may result in copyright infringement. In a recent decision in […]

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That’s ‘Bazaar’!

Look out retailers … the ACCC is continuing its ‘big brother’ role in the consumer law space. In the recent Electronic Bazaar case1, the ACCC brought an a […]

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Clawing back lease incentives

A landmark decision in the Supreme Court of Queensland may have far reaching implications for tenants and landlords alike. In the case of GWC Property Group Pty […]

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FP WArranty

Fisher & Paykel’s extended worry

Extended warranties have traditionally been seen as the cash cow of whitegoods and electronics. The fries with your burger if you like. The recent Australian Co […]

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Shhhh… it’s a (trade) secret

Most employees are privy to confidential information during the course of their employment. Employers usually include provisions in employment contracts prohibi […]

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Directors at the self checkout

GBP250 million is a bit more than a rounding error, a bit more than an exaggeration and calling it an overstatement is an understatement. Just ask Tesco shareho […]

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Sign on the dotted line

In an age of rapid changes in commerce, almost every norm of business processes has been challenged. But the handwritten signature for executing legal documents […]

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