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Doping in court – a thriller

We try to make sense of a shambolic process that has played out in the media for all to see, but few to understand. With an appeal pending, we ask – who’s i […]

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Doping in court – the verdict

Prior to the stunning decision by Justice John Middleton in the Federal Court on Friday, there was talk in the legal community that the decision could go either […]

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Restraining restraints of trade

Restraint of trade is a well established and ‘old world’ common law doctrine. It relates to the enforceability of contractual restrictions on freedom to ‘ […]

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high bar

Litigation costs: ducking under a high bar

In litigation, the rule of thumb is that the 'loser' pays the 'winner's' costs (this is known as 'costs following the cause'). That said it’s also possible fo […]

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do you want to litigate

Do you want to litigate? A litigator’s perspective

Litigation can be a time consuming and costly process. Also to consider is the emotional burden of being involved in what is often a protracted and invasive pro […]

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PPSR warning noises become a chorus

The initial warning noises about compliance with the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 Cth (PPSA) are becoming a chorus. The following should serve as anoth […]

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whats in a name

What’s in a name

Bob Jane, a former racing car legend and renowned businessman, has been embroiled in high profile battle with his son Rodney Jane following Bob’s exit from th […]

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Litigious ways: Rihanna doesn’t love the way you lie

Rihanna recently sued the fashion retailer Topshop in the Chancery Court for the tort of passing off. Topshop had been selling t-shirts with a picture of Rihann […]

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PPSA blog post

Preventing problems with the PPSR

PPSA, PPSR, PMSI - leaving aside the sometimes confusing, and frequently tongue twisting terminology, many of us are now well aware of the difficulties posed by […]

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Star jump or high jump

It may sound like an unfair contest, a plane versus a car. Surely once the engine fires up Jetstar will be first to fly past the post. However, this battle of t […]

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