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Mayday mayday, HR policy overboard

In the decision of Romero v Farstad Shipping (Indian Pacific) Pty Ltd (22 December 2014), the Full Court of the Federal Court held that an employer breached a c […]

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Twitter is a high stakes game

Twitter is used as a marketing tool by many businesses. Although twitter can be used with great success to reach consumers, it is not immune from misuse and con […]

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Misplaced confidence

Mr Barker was a long term employee of the Commonwealth of Australia (Bank) and commenced employment in 1981. He was promoted gradually over the term of employme […]

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Landmark decision in sexual harassment case

In the decision of Richardson v Oracle Corporation Australia Pty Ltd1 the Full Court of the Federal Court has dramatically increased the amount of compensation […]

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Restraining restraints of trade

Restraint of trade is a well established and ‘old world’ common law doctrine. It relates to the enforceability of contractual restrictions on freedom to ‘ […]

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at employee

@employee, you’re fired

Social media is undeniably a part of everyday life for many people, and most businesses have incorporated social media into their official communications. It […]

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The Instagram Act

In the UK, the recently enacted Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act, Instagram Act as it is referred to, has controversially dealt with images posted online on […]

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When is changing a role a genuine redundancy

The question of what constitutes a ‘genuine redundancy’ is a perennial and vexed one. Getting it wrong can land an employer in hot water. This is particular […]

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Quick call the policy

Quick, call the policy

A serious legal concern for employers is that 'vicarious liability' may be attributed to employers for discriminatory or defamatory comments made by employees o […]

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facebook like

Social media policies in the spotlight

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are crucial communication tools for businesses. A study, commissioned by LinkedIn, fo […]

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