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Target v TAR JAY: Parody or rip-off?

Australians have a penchant for jocular nicknames. And we’re not just talking on the footy field. Aussie jargon even stretches to the corporate space. Take th […]

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Deja brew?

We recently commented on Cantarella’s ground breaking High Court decision in relation to the use of the word ‘ORO’ (meaning ‘gold’ in Italian and Span […]

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Comparing Apples with apps

In a previous post (Apple takes a bite out of retail) we reviewed Apple’s US trade mark application for its iconic layout of flagship stores. Closer to home, […]

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oro main

The star’s the limit – molto bene

Who would have thought a spat between two Australian coffee sellers - Cantarella and Modena – would create such a stir? Not a mere battle between baristas, bu […]

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Fluid trade marking

People typically think of trade marks as being static 2 dimensional brands with which consumers develop a familiarity over time. Enter contemporary marketeers a […]

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Why Converse is suing 31 companies

The popular shoe company Converse (now owned by Nike) recently filed lawsuits against retailers and manufacturers, who it alleges have been making counterfeits […]

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Shhhh… it’s a (trade) secret

Most employees are privy to confidential information during the course of their employment. Employers usually include provisions in employment contracts prohibi […]

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Pay per click

Keyword advertising is recognised parlance in the e-commerce world. But, hang on, what is it? It is an online advertising service that places advertising copy a […]

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apple store

Apple takes a bite out of retail

In November 2010 Apple Inc obtained a three-dimensional trade mark of the layout of their ‘flagship’ stores in the United States as depicted below. Since t […]

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Privacy cleared for take off

In a recent decision by the Privacy Commissioner1, a Virgin Australia airline passenger suffered damage through the collection and disclosure of his sensitive p […]

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