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Directors at the self checkout

GBP250 million is a bit more than a rounding error, a bit more than an exaggeration and calling it an overstatement is an understatement. Just ask Tesco shareho […]

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Privacy cleared for take off

In a recent decision by the Privacy Commissioner1, a Virgin Australia airline passenger suffered damage through the collection and disclosure of his sensitive p […]

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Left out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the professional social network of choice for a reported 300million users. Its wide reach and importance to business has prompted discussion regardi […]

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Privacy: a new broom sweeps across borders

The volume of personal information collected has increased exponentially in recent years due to advances in technology and the ways individuals interact. Austra […]

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comparison pricing

Comparison pricing: the price is right

Comparison advertising with two prices is frequently used as a powerful sales tool. Businesses often compare the price of a product with: the company's prev […]

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When is changing a role a genuine redundancy

The question of what constitutes a ‘genuine redundancy’ is a perennial and vexed one. Getting it wrong can land an employer in hot water. This is particular […]

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Therapeutic benefits of tiger tooth

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) administers the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (Cth) (Act) and is responsible for regulating therapeutic goods including: […]

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Social Media Service

Courts ‘like’ serving documents via social media

Social media may now have a more commercial significance for lawyers. Service of court documents in Australia has extended beyond traditional means such as in p […]

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PPSA blog post

Preventing problems with the PPSR

PPSA, PPSR, PMSI - leaving aside the sometimes confusing, and frequently tongue twisting terminology, many of us are now well aware of the difficulties posed by […]

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A healthy sense of competition

Competitions are an increasingly powerful way for a business to promote its products and services, or otherwise to interact with users via its social media page […]

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